Professional Photobooks: Your memories deserve the best

Now you have beautiful photos of your wedding, your family, your pregnancy. Looking at them on the phone or the laptop is cool, but nothing really compares to beautiful photo paper, whether it is on prints or on a photobook. Holding ones memories in the hands truly is a special feeling...

Here are some of the Photobooks I can make for you. I offer a range of high-end Professional and Art Photobooks, of various sizes, page counts and finish. All these Photobooks are made of genuine Photo Prints (or Fine Art photo prints) and not of low cost magazine-type offset printing that a lot of entry level online photobooks manufacturers offer. And they are lay-flat, in order to allow the pages to stay open and remain completely flat.

These Photobooks are incredibly beautiful and the first reaction of people taking them in the hands generally is: "Wowww". Do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll meet if you want to see them in person, because the screen does not make them justice and the feeling of holding them or they real size does not translate here!


Two photobooks Product Lines

The Essential photobook

This is the most affordable option and an incredible value: the essential photobook. No-nonsense, few customization options or materials to choose from, this photobook is simple and effective. I have been using it for years, the pages are extra thick (600g) and the Fuji lustre photo paper is beautiful. This is a perfect option for lifestyle, family sessions, portraits, etc.

  • — 1 Cover option: Photo cover
  • — 16 to 36 pages (up to 16-36 photos in the book)
  • — Size options:
    • 20x20 cm
    • 30x30 cm
    • 30x20 cm
  • — 1 Box model, in Leatherette or Linen

Price: 180€ to 350€

The Art Photobook

Now, this Photobook line is really gorgeous. I was speechless the first time I made one of these. The quality is just incredible, these are pieces of Art work. There are countless customisation options, materials to choose from, colors, more than 20 types of boxes, and even Fine Art photo paper as pages (which, itself, is very rare).

  • — 10+ Cover options (Genuine Tuscany Leather, Engraved Wood, Velvet, Linen, ...)
  • — 24 to 90 pages (up to 24-90 photos in the book)
  • — Size options:
    • 20x20 cm
    • 25x25 cm
    • 30x30 cm
    • 38x25 cm
    • and more...
  • — 20+ Box models
  • — 6 photo paper options (800g), including Hahnemühle Fine Art photo paper

Price: 300€ to 850€

The Essential Photobook

A beautiful a high quality Photobook, with lay-flat binding and extra thick Photo paper pages, in a simple, affordable package: the essential photobook is the perfect place to display your photos and memories. The optional box in two variants, leatherette and linen, offer both protection and elegance to the photobook.

The Art Photobook

With the same receipe, high quality photobook, layflat binding, genuine photo paper, the Art photobook adds a ton of customization options, and the highest quality of materials, photo paper and manufacturing possible. It uses even thicker photo paper (800g), with a range of variations including Fine Art photo paper. Where the Essential photobook uses high quality Leatherette, the Art photobook uses genuine Italian leather. Where the Essential photobook boxes are all the same, the Art photobook boxes and covers can all be customized, stamped, engraved, printed on, and so on. The Art photobook is the perfect way to magnify you most precious memories and show them in the absolute best light.

Example #1: Aqua Linen & Box

Example #2: Leather&Wood + Combo Box

Art Photobook Customization options

Here are some of the customization options available (everything is not displayed here, but I can show you samples in person).
First, some of the cover models and stamping/printing/varnish/engraving options, then some of the materials and colors (Luxe Linen, Wood, Tuscany Leather, Micro leather, Buckram, Premium Velvet, ...), and then some of the box models and combo boxes (with prints and flash drives).


This is a non exhaustive list of prices, since there are a lot of possible combinations (size, number of pages, cover options, box models, photo paper, more than 70 materials & colors, etc.)

Essential photobook

20x20 cm
16 photos No box 180 €
26 photos No box 205 €
36 photos No box 230 €
... - 2.5€/page
16 photos With box 230 €
26 photos With box 255 €
36 photos With box 280 €
30x20 cm
16 photos No box 200 €
26 photos No box 235 €
36 photos No box 270 €
... - 3.5€/page
16 photos With box 250 €
26 photos With box 285 €
36 photos With box 320 €
30x30 cm
16 photos No box 230 €
26 photos No box 280 €
36 photos No box 330 €
... - 5€/page
16 photos With box 280 €
26 photos With box 330 €
36 photos With box 380 €

Art photobook

Square linen example

20x20 cm
24 photos No box 290 €
50 photos No box 360 €
80 photos No box 440 €
... - 2.66€/page
24 photos With box 430 €
50 photos With box 499 €
80 photos With box 575 €
25x25 cm
24 photos No box 330 €
50 photos No box 420 €
80 photos No box 520 €
... - 3.33€/page
24 photos With box 450 €
50 photos With box 520 €
80 photos With box 599 €

Wood example

38x25 cm
24 photos Lustre photo paper 415 €
50 photos Lustre photo paper 515 €
70 photos Lustre photo paper 590 €
90 photos Lustre photo paper 630 €
... Lustre/Silk photo paper 3.85€/page
... Hahnemühle Fine Art photo paper 9€/page
38x25 cm + Combo Box (book/prints/usb)
24 photos Lustre photo paper 599 €
50 photos Lustre photo paper 699 €
70 photos Lustre photo paper 780 €
90 photos Lustre photo paper 850 €
... Lustre/Silk photo paper 3.85€/page
... Hahnemühle Fine Art photo paper 9€/page



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