Fine Art museum-quality Prints & mats

Your memories turned into Art

I offer a wide range of very high end formats for your Fine Art prints (gallery/museum quality) with pigment-based inks, for exceptional results with a resistance to ageing of more than 100 years.





Fine Art artists Papers & mounting options

I use the very high quality papers from Hahnemühle, made of 100% cotton or pure alpha cellulose, acid- and lignin-free and meeting the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance, they have a gloss range extending from high gloss (baryta) to mid lustre (pearl) through to subtle gloss (satin). The references I use the most are Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm for a result with a lot of texture, deep blacks and warm shades of white, Fine Art Pearl 285g for the beautiful pearl finish and subtle gloss, Baryta FB 350g for very deep and contrasty black and whites, etc.
I offer Fine Art prints alone, or ready to be displayed: mounted on PVC or on Aluminum Dibond or as matted prints (beautiful result, example on top of this page).

Fine Art Print Boxes

The Premium Box

The Premium print Box is a delicate and beautiful box to store and display your most precious Fine Art prints & memories. It is the most customizable box with plenty of luxury materials & colors to choose from for the cover/lid, the sides can also be black or white, this box is a joy to have in the hands.

  • — 60+ Cover options (Genuine Tuscany Leather, Premium Velvet, Linen, ...)
  • — can contain 20 to 120 prints
  • — Size options:
    • 10x15 cm
    • 15x20 cm
    • 20x20 cm
    • 25x25 cm
    • 20x30 cm

Price: 125 to 145€ (box only)


The Prestige Box

The Prestige print Box is an upper range box for your wedding prints and flash drives. It is included in every wedding package. Its golden stamping and beautiful ribbon make it a decorative piece of any part of the house, and the perfect place for the memories of the most beautiful days of your life.

  • — 15+ Cover options (Buckram in various colors)
  • — can contain 20 to 120 prints
  • — Size options:
    • 10x15 cm
    • 15x20 cm
    • 20x20 cm
    • 25x25 cm
    • 20x30 cm

Price: 130 to 150€ (box only)

Offered for free in every wedding package


Examples of Print Boxes

The print boxes can be customized with a lot of different cover materials, colors, sizes, lettering/stamping, etc. Here are two examples of some of the many possibilities! Both boxes are 10x15cm / 4x6"

Example #1: Old Pink Velvet, Premium Box

Example #2: Grey Buckram, Prestige Box


Here is the list of prices. Other options may be available, do not hesitate to ask.

Fine Art Prints (Hahnemühle artists & fine art papers)

Fine Art Prints
4x6" 10x15cm 2.00 €
5x7" 13x18cm 2.50 €
6x8" 15x20cm 3.50 €
8x8" 20x20cm 4.50 €
8x12" 20x30cm -
A4 (8.2x11.7") A4 (21x29.7cm) 7.50 €
12x12" 30x30cm 11.00 €
A3 (11.7x16.5") A3 (29.7x42cm) 14.50 €
12x17.7" 30x45cm 15.50 €
A3+ (13x19") A3+ (33x48.3cm) 18.00 €
Fine Art Prints, Mounted on 3 mm PVC
4x6" 10x15cm 2.50 €
5x7" 13x18cm 4.00 €
6x8" 15x20cm 5.00 €
8x8" 20x20cm 6.50 €
8x12" 20x30cm -
A4 (8.2x11.7") A4 (21x29.7cm) 10.00 €
12x12" 30x30cm 15.00 €
A3 (11.7x16.5") A3 (29.7x42cm) 20.00 €
12x17.7" 30x45cm 22.00 €
A3+ (13x19") A3+ (33x48.3cm) 25.00 €
Fine Art Prints, Mounted on 3 mm Aluminium Dibond
4x6" 10x15cm 3.50 €
5x7" 13x18cm 5.50 €
6x8" 15x20cm 6.50 €
8x8" 20x20cm 10.00 €
8x12" 20x30cm 13.00 €
A4 (8.2x11.7") A4 (21x29.7cm) 15.00 €
12x12" 30x30cm 20.00 €
A3 (11.7x16.5") A3 (29.7x42cm) 28.00 €
12x17.7" 30x45cm 30.00 €
A3+ (13x19") A3+ (33x48.3cm) 35.00 €
Fine Art Matted Prints
overall: 4x6"
photo: 3x4"
overall: 10x15cm
photo: 7x10.5cm
4.50 €
overall: 8x10"
photo: 5x7"
overall: 20x26cm
photo: 13x18cm
10.00 €
overall: 11x14"
photo: 7x10"
overall: 28x35cm
photo: 17x24cm
15.00 €
overall: 11x14"
photo: 8x12"
overall: 28x35cm
photo: 20x30cm
20.00 €

Print Boxes

Premium Boxes
Horizontal/Landscape 4x6" 10x15 cm 125 €
Horizontal/Landscape 6x8" 15x20 cm 135 €
Horizontal/Landscape 8x12" 20x30 cm 145 €
Square 8x8" 20x20 cm 135 €
Square 10x10" 25x25 cm 145 €
Prestige Boxes
Horizontal/Landscape 4x6" 10x15 cm 130 €
Horizontal/Landscape 6x8" 15x20 cm 140 €
Horizontal/Landscape 8x12" 20x30 cm 150 €
Square 8x8" 20x20 cm 140 €
Square 10x10" 25x25 cm 150 €



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