Awards - International Photography Contests

I have the great pleasure of being member of several associations of the best wedding phtographers in the world (Fearless Photographers, This Is Reportage, Wedding Photojournalists Association, Lifestyle Photographers Association, ...), in different genres of photography, and to have received a number of awards in famous international photography contests in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, among which: best wedding reportage photo - Fearless Award, This is reportage, WPJA, best artistic wedding portait -AG WPJA, best engagement photo -WPJA, best lifestyle portrait -Lifestyle Pro Awards, best maternity photo -AFNS Awards, and best newborn posing photo -AFNS Awards).

I also have the honor of having been designated 52nd best wedding photographer in the world in 2021 by the renowned WPJA in January 2022 and in the TOP25 of Lifestyle Photographers worldwide by the Lifestyle Photographers Association, and I have received the most prized award of all, the most difficult existing, a Fearless Award.

Membre de la communaute Fearless photographers et récompensé par un Fearless Award Il etait un Pixel a recu plusieurs récompenses internationales de This is Reportage Il etait un Pixel est membre récompensé de la communauté Wedding Photojournalist Association AFNS AWARD Winner, For the best photographers in the field of newborn photography & maternity photography Lifestyle Pro Award winner Portrait Photo Award winner

Here are all my international photography awards:

Documentary wedding photojournalism

Fearless Award remporté par Jeremie Sangare (Il était un Pixel)
Champagne explosant pendant un mariage

Details and artistic wedding portraits

Engagement sessions couple portraits

Maternity / Newborns


Portraits and Lifestyle


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